light & stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilings – as individual as you yourself

On account of their wide range of designs and forms, stretch ceilings open up new interior design dimensions – quickly, neatly and without much ado.

Why? Because stretch ceilings are made-to-measure for your rooms and are easily and quickly installed under the existing ceiling.

10 advantages of our stretch ceilings

  1. Quick and tidy installation in just one day.

  2. They don't take up much space - max. 5.5 cm when you include built-in spot lights.

  3. 100 different colours from matt to gloss

  4. Easy-to-maintain material: Washable and waterproof, dust-resistant, hygienic, flame retardant, comply with the EU fire classification regulations BS2DO and with the CE qualityseal

  5. Energy-saving (reducing heating costs)

  6. Anything from built-in spot lights to Swarovski lamps is possible, and existing ceiling lamps can also be re-installed without problem.

  7. They can be attached either to the walls or the ceiling, and can be adjusted to fit uneven walls.

  8. Easy installation under your old ceiling, meaning less effort and waste.

  9. No more painting the ceiling

  10. 15 years manufacturer's warranty

Phillipps stretch ceilings offer you sheer unlimited possibilities to design your lighting and ceiling to your own wishes

Extractor hoods

Kitchen range extractor hoods in all sizes can be installed together with stretch ceilings, conv­cealing the exhaust duct.

Light ceilings

Bringing the night sky into your home! Individual ceilings through con­cealed lighting.


Our built-in spot lights can be comple­mented by pendant lights.

Sloping ceilings

There's no problem with sloping (loft) ceilings or roof lights, as a stretched ceiling can be made to suit the room.

Ambience - light

Top light distribution and light effects through Swarovski crystals can help bring that ambience into your room.


Grease and water stains are easily washed off, and the gloss effect will make your room seem larger.