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Here at Phillipps, you'll find new impulses and ideas for your home's interior design.

Whether the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, hobby room or office: we'll come up with an interior design solution tailored to your wishes. The materials used are dependent on requirements – high durability, easy maintenance. Representative atmosphere through extraordinary design.


painting and wallpapering

We will support you from the initial design via the planning to the finished product. Whether it’s a new building or a refurbishment project, we're there to provide you with advice and information.

Let yourself be inspired and look forward to your new surroundings.

acoustic systems

Our acoustics systems fulfil two functions.

Acoustics: A room's acoustics can be greatly improved through installing an acoustic ceiling. Our acoustic systems are the ideal solution for perfect sound distribution in open-plan living rooms and home cinemas - whether installed in a new building or retrofitted in an existing one.

Aesthetics: A room's overall appearance can be greatly enhanced through installing an acoustic ceiling or a sound-absorbing acoustic picture. Whatever you require, we can offer you the perfect solution from a large range of attractive designs. We construct both acoustic ceilings and acoustic walls.