indoor plastering

decorative plasters

We offer the whole range of modern painted and structured surface designs.

There are no limits to what we can do – everything is possible.

We can create all sorts of effects using different techniques such as wrapping, stucco, dabbing, scumbling or sponge-wiping. In combination with individually selected colours, even the most exotic interior design concepts can be realised.

Warm and friendly: Surfaces treated using scumbling have a natural appearance. Distinctive: A combination of these different techniques opens up thousands of design possibilities.

lime cement plaster and gypsum plaster

Lime cement plaster is very good for use in rooms with high moisture levels, such as bathrooms, toilets and cellars, as the lime acts as a bonding agent, making the plaster highly resistant to moisture, while remaining breathable and combatting mould.

Using gypsum plaster on walls helps them dry out quickly, as gypsum is able to absorb a room's moisture in its pores without becoming moist itself – i.e. without harm to itself. From an architectural perspective, this very fine material is ideal for designing smooth and aesthetic structures.