windows, doors & gates

Our range:

Windows made of plastic, plastic & aluminium, aluminium, wood,
wood & aluminium.


All windows are available with our security package made up of special fittings and glazing.

Triple glazing:

Shutters / Venetian blinds / flyscreens are possible and can also be retrofitted.

From the offer to final installation.

We do the installing ourselves, without resorting to subcontractors. All windows are produced in Germany.

We turn every window into a sensual experience

Thermal insulation and energy savings guaranteed.

We make use of pioneering techniques in our windows, whatever the materials used and whatever the type of window.

An energy-saving construction, burglar protection and sound insulation - all such features can be combined without problem.

Cost-efficient, easy-to-maintain and environmentally-friendly Uw values up to 0.72W (m²K) under DIN EN 10077-1 can be achieved.

The smart and cost-saving symbiosis of two materials

A sheer unlimited range of colours and designs

For every style of building and for the highest requirements

A multi-faceted natural material

Fenster, Türen & Tore

front doors

Aluminium doors Leaf concealment, internal & external Suitable for passive houses Innovative access control systems!

garage doors

These days, garage doors can be basically tailored to your personal requirements on account of the wide range of colours, surfaces and glazing available. A garage door is now much more than just a way of stopping burglars getting into the garage. With regard to appearance and melting in with the house's overall style, a garage door has now become a very distinctive element.

Fenster, Türen & Tore

roof lights