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Fartition walls, suspended ceilings, fire and sound protection, floors

Drywalling is a way to divide rooms up according to individual requirements. Application fields include finishing and conversions, as well as refurbishment and modernisation.

insulation: from cellar to loft

Different materials

Inside insulation is a way of insulating particular elements of a building through which a lot of heat could be lost. Such elements include the top-floor ceiling or the floor above the cellar. We will expertly install the inside insulation, preventing thermal bridges and the resultant development of mould.

loft conversions with plasterboard

Using a loft just for storage is a great waste of space. A loft conversion will help you gain additional living space. The floor and protective cladding (the roof) are already there. All you have to do is to upgrade them to meet modern living and energy-saving standards. When converting a loft, priority is given to dry building materials such as insulation felt, plasterboard and flooring panels.

Electrics, bathroom, loft windows, stairs, ...